Why I Became a Minimalist

Why I became a minimalist is a question I often get asked. And it’s not always easy to explain, particularly to those who’ve never heard of minimalism. Or when I tell them that it all came about because of a bottle of vinegar! It started when I learned that my daughter no longer bought chemical cleaning products! Apparently cleaning with vinegar and baking soda was a growing trend. 

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Travel with Just a Carry On

With many upcoming trips in our near future, I’m dusting off my travel skills! Over the next few months we will be traveling to visit churches, including our northern church in Emilia Romagna. And we’ve also been invited to the 99 year anniversary celebration of the tiny church in Mario’s hometown! All to be capped off with our overseas trip including Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, and Michigan. That’s a lot of travel! 

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