Well, our Winter newsletter is finally up. We seem to have a pretty hard time remaining consistent about this.

I have finally realized that it is because Mario and I are not flashy people with a flashy ministry. We’re just normal people, and much of our life here is just normal everyday stuff. So it’s often hard to know what to say. 

BUT we do do serve an extraordinary God and he does do extraordinary things – in spite of us!! AND WE SO APPRECIATE ALL YOUR PRAYERS!! God truly is doing marvelous things! So please rejoice with us for this, and continue to keep us in your prayers…

Home News, from Abruzzo.

And we are thrilled beyond words to announce that we are completely and totally debt-free!! The only payments we have are the ongoing expenses of utilities and car insurance!! God is so good!

Our own home is a blessing we never dared to hope for. Only God could have opened the doors for the bank to loan us the money, and his faithfulness (with your help) has enabled us to pay it off!! Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude!

A home Bible study group! Since coming to this area, we have waited on God’s timing for starting a group…

And for a while we were able to hold one, primarily due a young refugee woman’s request, and the interest of a neigbhor woman. Sadly they have both since left the area, and we were left on our own once again.

But that’s OK. We know that as God brought this about in his time, he will also bring about a lasting group in his time. We are not discouraged. And if we were, we would reread James Frasier’s book, Mountain Rain. A book which we consider required reading for all missionaries!! And we are seeing more and more interest on the part of Mario’s adult students!

The area’s church: We are increasingly more involved in the church in the nearby town. And rejoice over the great relationships the Lord is establishing. Please pray that we may be a blessing and encouragement to them.

Mario’s teaching: Mario continues teaching English to kids and adults in our local area, as well as in a language school in the nearby town. One of his coworkers paid him a lovely compliment, saying that “he is a father to the whole school.” Both his colleagues and students trust him and look to him for help and encouragement, even in their personal lives.

We continue inviting students home for dinner or out for a pizza which provides great opportunities for sharing our faith, and it’s really established some great relationships too!

On the southern front.

We rejoice that in Mario’s home town, ever since the people asked us to read the Bible in the piazza, people are opening up to us more and more all the time. Read The Whole City Heard the Word.

But the best part of this is that the pastor has continued these meetings! And we especially rejoice that it encouraged him to be more simple and natural with the people. He saw that just sitting around getting to know them and then sharing the Word were far more effective than organized meetings with programs, music, and microphones! Pray wit us that these meetings will continue and grow!

Once again, thank you all for your prayers, and please remember that you are in ours too!

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