As always thanks for all your prayers for us. They are so greatly appreciated! This has been a busy season, especially because we’ve started working with African refugees. But it’s also been a season rich in fellowship! We had so many visitors, in fact, that we had nearly opened our own agriturismo!!

Work here in our home village and in our summer village progresses slowly but we knew it would be that way. But we also know that God is working! But we also visit other churches around Italy, both nearby and far away. Sadly, I’m not too good at remembering to take photos. I’ll have to get better at that! But we do ask that you also keep these other churches in prayer as we share about them.

On the homefront.

Pray for Abruzzo (and other areas) affected by the most recent earthquake.

Everyone we know is safe, but the people of this beautiful area (see below) need prayer, and especially for the lengthy rebuilding process.

We’ll attend a joint fellowship/ church meeting near there tomorrow, even with its ongoing tremors. Only police and rescuers are allowed into the area actually hit by the quake, but please pray that the meeting will be a blessing and an instrument of unity!

Rejoice with us over the blessing our local church here is to us and for increased open doors among them!

We love all the fellowship, which nearly always involves counseling, encouragement, and discipleship. Hubby also preaches on a fairly regular basis. Keep these dear people in prayer!

But the summer highlight was, perhaps, the Grand Opening of our Ristobar!

Not a real one, though it seemed like it, with over 50 dinner guests gathered on our veranda over the 3-day Ferragosto weekend. We loved it and hope for more such special times! Pray that the Lord will provide more opportunities of using it to reach out to others!

Pray for relationships here in our village. People here are slow to form friendships, but we are seeing this change. We get invited on outings, to special events, or just to join them for dinner or coffee. Please pray with us for deeper sharing opportunities too. And for real spiritual hunger here, in perhaps, one of Italy’s most religion-and tradition-bound regions.

Thank you all once again for your prayers, and may God continue to bless you all richly!

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