A lot has been going on – we continually see God’s hand at work in the hearts and lives of people. So keep the prayers coming! And thank you for them!

Good News from Abruzzo

Mario has nearly finished this year of English teaching and we look forward to the break, and to being able to visit church’s more often. We also continue reaching out to our neighbors and others in the area.

Please pray for the grandchild of neighbors and for our neighbor woman.

This child has an extremely rare disease with a difficult name. At one year, he isn’t growing much and still can’t sit up. He will probably never be able to move much or to speak. And doctors say that with out gene remplacement therapy (which is still no approved), he will probably not reach age 5. Pray that we may be a source of comfort and hope to them.

When we first moved to this small town, this particular neighbor woman was among the first to welcome us. She came forward to greet us with hugs and kisses and tell us how happy they were to have us as neighbors! Please pray for her failing health and that we will be able to share the Good News with her while we still have her here.

Please pray for upcoming travel.

We should soon get to thank some of you personally! And we can’t wait to hug and thank you over a cup of coffee!

1. First, we’ll be visiting our churches, both in the Emilia-Romagna area and our southern church.

This wonderful group of 60-70 people is our “home church” here in Italy, as it’s the church we helped plant when we lived up there. They are family and ever so missed.

Baptisms in the Emilia Romagna church! Our visit will be especially great this time as we will be able to participate in the upcoming baptisms! It’s always wonderful to welcome new people into the family! Hopefully, we’ll have good pics to put up with our Fall News!

Then a 99-year church anniversary in Mario’s hometown in the mountains of Salerno for a 99-year church anniversary!

This tiny church, founded 99 years ago, was the first evangelical church in the Salerno province.

Sadly it still has only a few members -so we visit as often as possible to encourage them and the pastor. To help them not feel abandoned and forgotten.

Yet the Lord is working there, as we clearly saw when people asked us to the read them the Bible in the main piazza. Read about it here: The Whole City Heard the Word.

2. And finally, we’ll visit our church and family in the USA.

It’s been 6 years since we’ve been over there, and that’s a long time to go without seeing our loved ones.

South Carolina/Virginia: to visit our daughter, son-in-law and their 4 special kids! And also our home church: Open Door Church in Suffolk Virginia, which has faithfully supported us for over 20 years!

Texas: to visit our son, daughter-in-law, and their 5 great kids! And hope that we survive the heat which we’ve been told will be bad. We’ll miss our balmy Mediterranean climate, I’m sure!

Michigan: To visit my elderly parents, plus brothers, nephews, and aunts and uncles. It’s hard for me to be so far from my elderly parents, especially now that their health is starting to decline.

New York City: To visit Mario’s siblings and their families. It’s always great to see them, and the Big Apple is always an adventure!!

So we really do need lots of prayer – especially as we are not fond of airports and having to make connections. We like flying, it’s all the rest that we find stressful.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and prayer. We appreciate it so much, and remember that we keep you all in prayer too.

God’s richest blessings on you all!

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