We don’t really have a lot of news to report, as we don’t travel much in the winter, and things really slow down here too. It’s been cold and rainy, and folks tend to stay at home, by their fires!

On the homefront in Abruzzo.

Hubby still teaches English to local children and adults. And this is a wonderful door into the hearts and homes of the local people. And presents wonderful opportunities for sharing about the Lord.

As we have already stated, the folks here are religious and attached to their traditions. Yet they like hearing what we have to say about the things of God. And we have given out many New Testaments and Bibles.

But we do have some sad (for us) news. Our daughter and family will move back to the USA in November. We pray that this step will be in God’s will for them, and they be blessed through it.

Though happy for them, it never gets easier parting with loved ones. We’ve missed many special moments with our kids. Only God’s grace gives us the strength to stay focused and keep on keeping on. Please keep us in prayer during this difficult time.

We won’t be doing much travel for the next few months either. Our daughter, son-in-law, and their four kids will be moving back here to our little town for a few months before heading stateside. And so we will be sticking close to home. And thanking the Lord for the blessing of these last few months together!!

Thank once again for your prayers, and may you always rejoice in God’s presence and eternal love!

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