The work here in Abruzzo is progressing, slowly but surely. We’re starting to get asked into people’s homes, which is a major step here! They’ve even invited us to their big celebrations in restaurants. And we’re also helping out at some refugee camps!

But the best part is that we got to share with some of the students (brought on by the Paris terrorist attacks) that Christ vanquishes fear. And that even death itself is nothing to fear if we know where we’re going and who we’ll spend it with.

Helping out at refugee camps in our area.

We’re trying to figure out how to carve out a bit more time to start literacy classes with them. Most can’t read at all or can barely read, and have very confused ideas about the Bible.

But they are really creative, and some made some amazingly detailed cardboard houses, which we we were able to sell at our church. You should have seen their beaming faces! The brethren paid generously!

We alo invited some of our African friends to our church’s Thanksgiving Day celebration this coming weekend. And our daughter and family are coming down from up north too! So we’ll have a special weekend!

Church planting is usually lonely work. And we had greatly missed having a church family and regular fellowship since moving to this village 6 years ago. So why do we do it, you wonder?

Because most larger Italian towns have bodies of believers. But most people in smaller towns and villages go through life without ever hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel. And without ever knowing the assurance of being saved. Italy has over 30,000 towns without witness.

We try to establish fellowships in these areas. Because most of these country folk would never travel to “the city” for a church service. Even going to the nearer small towns becomes an ordeal for them.

So we decided to join this church for fellowship, about an 40 minutes from our house. At least until the Lord enables us to establish a body here. A growing vibrant fellowship with lots of young adults, it reminds me a lot of our church in Emilia Romagna! Both towns, in fact, have about 40,000 people. And it’s great to be part of a family again!

Our Summer Base

Sadly, we haven’t made it down to Our summer base since summertime. We call it the summer base, but try to visit as often as we can. We were tied to home because of having our bathroom redone. But we hope to make it sometime during the Christmas season school break. Perhaps after a visit to our northern church. Please pray that this will be possible. And that we won’t freeze to death. We still have not been able to install a proper heating stove and up there in the mountains it gets quite cold!

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and Happy Thanksgiving from Italy – even though it isn’t a holiday here!

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