Ministry updates are the beginning of a new feature here to keep you better informed on what we do. But first, a bit of background about our years here.

Many of you have requested photos, more updates, and better info on what we do. So I’m moving our ministry newsletters here from our Mission Italia site. We do hope you enjoy this new feature, and that it helps you better pray for us and the people here. Please be patient while I continue setting things up.

But first, a bit of background about our years here.

Our Call

Almost from the start we felt called to serve God as missionaries. Our missions minded church supported many missionaries and they visited regularly. Their testimonies stirred our hearts to give our all to Christ. And for us, that meant the mission field.

We left for the mission field in May of 1989.

We set out with basically nothing. Just two kids and eight suitcases. No support base, no income or money in the bank, no property or assets, and very little cash.

Along our long and varied path of shoestring-budget missionary living, we have moved over 50 times. Living in the regions of Tuscany,Lazio, Campania, Lombardy, and now Abruzzo plus our summer home in Campania.

And lived in everything from a tarantula-infested camper (shudder) to a tent. And even in an old chicken coop, so cozy the chickens kept returning! We’ve gone without, been abundantly blessed, and learned countless lessons along the way.

It was a unique and enriching experience and we learned a lot! Particularly that ours is a call to pastor, not evangelize.

From there, we moved many times, living in the regions of Lazio, Campagna, and Lombardy. And had the blessing and privilege to serve as pastors, teachers, and in evangelism, church planting, translating, counseling, drug rehabilitation, and in ministry to youth, children, men, women, families, and in jails.

In 1997 Open Door Church in Suffolk Virginia took us under their wing and changed our name to Mission Italia. They have been and continue to be a great source of blessing and encouragement to us. And we are ever so grateful to them!

Our Current Work

We now divide home between 2 regions. Abruzzo where we live most of the year, and Campania where we spend the summers, in Mario’s ancestral birth home. We encourage local pastors and believers, and those in other areas of Italy as well. While also letting our light shine in our needy villages. We are the only born-again believers in our main village. And our summer village has only 4 others, not counting a few summer visitors like us. The pastor and his family live about an hour away.

Simple News

Mostly our updates are pretty simple. Much of our lives are daily routine. Because we are partially self-supporting tent makers, Mario spends a lot of time as an ESL teacher, English as a second language. We are also quite involved in our church, who are a great support and blessing to us.

You can always find our newsletters in our header menu or by just clicking this link: Mission Italia News. Thank you for all the interest and support so many of you show for our work here. Know that we count on your prayers. And that as our prayer supporters, you play a very important part in our work here!!

And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

[Images are our own.]

6 thoughts on “About Our Mission Updates

  1. I don’t think I realized you were from Suffolk, VA. I am from Portsmouth. The pastor I remember from Open Door was Tony Peaks (I believe I have his name right). His children attended Portsmouth Christian School where I attended. I’m thankful God sent you from Suffolk, VA to the other side of the world to share the glorious gospel of Christ.


    1. Hey Matthew, that is so great that you know Open Door and the Peaks family! They are great people! Actually, I’m from Michigan, and have lived in Colorado and NYC, but never lived in Virginia! Through mutual friends (other missionaries) we came into contact with them at a time when we were without a covering church. (They had closed due to dwindling membership.) Open Door graciously took us under their wing and have faithfully stood by us for over 20 years. We are beyond blessed to have them in our lives!! Our daughter and family now live in NC and attend Open Door Church, so that’s also a precious link for us. But we are thankful that the Lord was gracious enough to trust us to come here and share his gospel too. He is so good! If you’re still in that area maybe we can meet up for coffee next time we’re over there!

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