Our Ministry News

A big thanks to all of who pray for our ministry here in Italia. Prayer is what will make the difference, so please know that your prayers are a very important of our work. We appreciate you!!

About Our Mission Updates

This is the beginning of a new feature here: ministry updates, which I hope to update regularly. Many of you have requested photos, more updates, and better info on what we do. So I’m moving our ministry newsletters here from our Mission Italia site. We do hope you enjoy this new feature, and that it helps you better… Continue Reading →

Mission Italia News: Spring-Summer 2018

We’ve decided to only do newsletters twice a year (unless we have particular news to report). Because we also put happenings here on the blog, and on Facebook, where you can Follow our Public Posts! Stay in touch with us us through Facebook! 

Mission Italia News: Winter 2018

Yes, our Winter newsletter is finally up. We seem to have a pretty hard time remaining consistent about this. I have finally realized that it is because Mario and I are not flashy people with a flashy ministry. We’re just normal people, and much of our life here is just normal everyday stuff. So it’s… Continue Reading →

Mission Italia News: Summer 2016

As always thanks for all your prayers for us. They are so greatly appreciated! This has been a busy season, especially because we’ve started working with African refugees. But it’s also been a season rich in fellowship! We had so many visitors, in fact, that we had nearly opened our own agriturismo!!

Mission Italia News: Spring 2016

Thank so you so much for your continued prayers and support. We are so blessed to have so many standing with us. We are doing well, and by God’s grace our health is good, aside from normal aches and pains. Which serve as an excellent reminder that we are only flesh and blood, and actually… Continue Reading →

Mission Italia News: Winter 2016

Our biggest news is that we joined the church! “But,” you ask, “shouldn’t missionaries already be in the church?” Well, since moving to this southern area to share the Good News, we’ve been without a church family. 

Mission Italia News: Autumn 2015

The work here in Abruzzo is progressing, slowly but surely. We’re starting to get asked into people’s homes, which is a major step here! And they’ve even invited us to their big celebrations in restaurants. The most recent being the 18th birthday dinner for one of Mario’s English students. 

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