Our missions journey started with a burden for Italy – the land of my husband’s birth, and we have been serving here for the past 30 years.

We set out with basically nothing. Just two kids and eight suitcases. No support base, no income or money in the bank, no property or assets, and very little cash.

Little did we then know that Italy is known as the missionary graveyard. Or that most missionaries leave after only a few years because of depression, lack of results, bureaucracy, corruption, and cultural difficulties. But we’re still here 30 years later. Which is living proof of God’s faithfulness! He has been faithful, even when we have not.

Along our varied path of missionary living, we have moved over 50 times.

And lived in everything from a tarantula-infested camper *shudder* to a tent. And even an old chicken coop, so cozy the chickens kept returning! We’ve gone without, been abundantly blessed, and learned countless lessons along the way.

We count it a blessing to live in this beautiful land, a privilege to serve these wonderful people, and your visit here as an honor and joy! And I really hope you’ll take a moment to introduce yourself!

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We pray that God blesses your spiritual walk richly!