We left for the mission field in May of 1989, and while our years here have been filled with a lot of ups and downs – through it all we have seen God’s hand of faithfulness!

For background on how we got started, read this post: Our Missions Work in Italy.

Our Work

We divide home between 2 regions.

Abruzzo where we live most of the year, and Campania where we spend the summers, in Mario’s ancestral birth home. We encourage and teach the pastors and believers in these areas, as well as in other areas of Italy. While also letting our light shine in our needy areas.


For online safety, and to protect the privacy of others, I have created nicknames for our towns. Beautiful but Forgotten is our main town here in Abruzzo. And Beyond Forgotten is our lovely summer village in the Campania region.


Few born-again believers.

Our summer village has only 4 other believers, not counting a few summer visitors like us. The pastor and his family live about an hour away, and he faithfully makes that trip each and every week.

We are the only born-again believers here in our main town. The nearest church, which we attend, is about 40 minutes away. They are a great support and blessing to us.

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Thank you!

We count it a blessing to live in this beautiful land, a privilege to serve these wonderful people, and your visit here as an honor and joy!

And we thank you for all your prayer support and the interest so many of you show for our work here. Know that we count on your prayers, and that as prayer supporters, you play a very important part in our work here!!

Olive Tree Faith is a ministry of Mission Italia. Our vision is that all may know Christ, grow in his truth, and go and tell others of his great love and mercy.

We pray that God blesses your spiritual walk richly!

Images are my own.