I’ve decided to not continue with Friday Finds, as it was just too time-consuming to locate resources. However, I will still share from time to time any good resources I do locate. In fact, I already have a few for Easter week. Hope they prove useful!

1. Open Network, whose mission is to equip churches everywhere, has some great free Easter resources.

You’ll find plenty of inspiring articles to read, like Preparing Your Heart for Easter. And pastors and others in ministry will be sure to find their resources useful. From Easter graphic kits and materials for teaching kids, to worship music there’s some great stuff!

2. Alan Alvera, at Telling the Gospel, presents two resources to help us share our faith this Easter.

First, a short, but profound, book by Rico Tice: Capturing God, that shows the uniqueness of Christianity and brings out the real meaning of Easter. And second, a little tract called The Real Easter. Learn more by reading Expressing the Message of Easter.

3. Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Easter party kit.

CEF is known for their good Sunday school curriculums, but they also have great special resources like this Easter Party Kit: Jesus Gives Life and Hope. Great to do with your Sunday school, or for the kids in your neighborhood!

I hope you’ve have a good week, and that as we approach the Easter season, we may all reflect on the magnitude of the resurrection. Because he lives. That’s what it’s all about.

While I am happy to share these links it does not necessarily mean I endorse their doctrine. I urge you to be like the Bereans of Acts 17:11 and use the Scriptures as your final authority when evaluating any teaching.

IMAGES | Both empty tomb images: by LUMO Project (Big Book Media) from FreeBibleImages.org. All rights reserved, educational use only.

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