In an effort to be more community-minded and with the hope of offering encouragement for our spiritual growth, blogging, or outreach endeavors, I’ve decided to add a bit of variety to Olive Tree Faith. From now on, I will also be sharing resources, tools, links, articles, videos, films, books, and so on – in an effort to encourage you and those who make these fine resources.

My “goal” is to present resources that tie in with a weekly theme.

Pray for me in this new endeavor and please let me know if you find it helpful, inspiring, or encouraging! So without further ado, let me present my first find for Sheep and Shepherds, this week’s theme.

Today I’d like to present the video and illustration series of “The Parable of the Good Shepherd” from Good News Productions International.

This brief video, with its lovely illustrations makes a great evangelistic or teaching tool – either for children’s ministries or in nations with a low literacy rate. Or I might add, for ministry among immigrants and refugees, many of whom may have difficulty reading and have never really learned about our Good Shepherd and what he’s done for us.

Although I chose The Good Shepherd, there are 55 videos in this English visual gospel series on vimeo. But you can also find them in other languages by clicking here.

Or you can download the illustrations from the video to use free for ministry or educational purposes, on websites, blogs, and social media, if you follow their terms. They can be found, along with many other beautiful illustrations and photos, at Free Bible

Please note that, as I do not personally know the people or organizations I may spotlight, my presentation of their resources does not necessarily mean I endorse them or their teaching.


Photos | 1ST: sheep with shepherd by kailash kumar on Pexels. | 2ND: sheep by Dan Hamill on Pexels.

7 thoughts on “The Good Shepherd Video

  1. This is wonderful, sis! You are an encouragement to the body of Christ and your ministry impacts so many people. I enjoyed this video and post very much. Our Good Shepherd He is indeed! All my love to you & yours! ❤


    1. Thank you, Holly! Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, your comment got sent to spam. That video is so simple, yet effective. I especially like the fact that they have made it in many languages. I hope and pray that it may reach many people around the world, so that others can also come to know our Good Shepherd!!

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