Ever feel like time gets away from you, or am I the only one? Our past few months have been particular. First our month-long stay in the USA, and the resulting jetlag. So I haven’t gotten much writing done. Not that I’ve been lazy, I’ve been quite busy actually…

We also purchased some furniture (both used and new), which meant a lot of reorganizing. And top of it all I got a nasty flu bug which I’m still getting over!

But I’ll start with our new furniture! Now that we’re mortgage-free, we are finally able to tend to little projects we’ve wanted to do! Here in Italy, closets and cabinets are usually external pieces. Like the wardrobe in Narnia. Which people generally take along when they move. But upon moving here we had to get rid of ours, as they just didn’t fit with our low rounded (cupola) ceilings.

So we’ve been making do for the past 10 years, but it’s been a battle to keep everything neat and organized. Proper storage areas can really make a big difference. And although it took a lot of organizing and rearranging, I think I’ve nearly conquered the storage blues!!

At the used store we found the little hutch, made to order for hobbit houses (like ours)! Although used shops are still a novelty here in Italy, they are catching on! We couldn’t have found one so perfect, or at such a great price! All the others we’d seen were just too tall for our tiny place.

And from IKEA we bought a linen/coat wardrobe. A first in our 30 years in Italy, and a great help! No more emptying half the clothing wardrobe to get to stuff buried in the back! Yay! The double doors hold pillows, feather comforter, coats, and jackets. On shelves behind the single door I keep sheets, towels, and the like. (CLICK HERE for a better view of the wardrobe. I need to take lessons from the IKEA photographers! 🙂 )

At any rate, I’ve gotten household things pretty much under control, and even mastered the crazy new WordPress editor. So I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging, with the Lord’s help! But in the meantime, I’d like to share 3 tips I’m learning on how to make the most of our time.

3 key tips for making the most of our time:

1. Guard against addictions.

Decide if social media, TV, movies, video games, or whatever keeps you from doing what you should do or want to do is really worth the time drain.

2. Beat procrastination by remembering the benefits of getting things done.

Don’t you feel better when you’ve accomplished more and fulfilled your duties? Completing tasks, regardless how small, will help you instantly feel better. And energize you to move on to bigger and greater things!

3. Be more time conscious.

We sometimes lose track of how little time we have, and how important it is. We have so few hours in our day, our week, even our year.

As Christ followers, we know the importance of making our lives count. But too often, we allow ourselves to be sucked in by secondary, unimportant things. And we fall short of creating the worthwhile life we’d love to have. One which adds value to our society and improves the lives of others.

I think we’re all guilty of these errors at some time.

And it takes a consious effort to keep on track. To say no or hit the off button, and then to get up and get busy.

But who knows, by making the effort, cutting out the side distractions, and using self-control  maybe you will actually pursue those dreams you’ve only talked about. Like writing that book, setting up a new business, starting a blog, or learning music or a new language. Things that are not only a lot more useful than video games or movies. But things that could enrich your own life and the lives of others too!

Which of these is your weakest spot?

Feeding addictions? Procrastinating? Forgetting how important and limited our time is? Or all three? They’re easy habits to fall into.

But the solution is to focus on what you really want to do with your life.

Decide how you want to make your life count. And then, every time you’re tempted to fall back into bad habits, remember that goal!

But accountability can help too. So write your goal or dream down and pin it to your refrigerator or in your work space, where both you (and loved ones) can see it. Or even share it with us here. Sometimes just the act of writing them down can help us stick to them. And having others who pray with us is an immeasurable strength and help!

So then catch up with time before it gets too far ahead of you!

So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12


6 thoughts on “3 Time-Tested Tips for Making the Most of Our Time

  1. I really feel that this is something we all need to remember during the holidays. For me especially, I feel like time gets away from me so quickly now that I’m working 2 jobs and going to school! This post was a great reminder for me (especially the social media part). Thanks for sharing!


    1. I can really understand how time would get away from you Jane, working 2 jobs + school! And then add the holidays in too… Wow! I guess you really do need reminders on good time management! Hope this post was helpful!


  2. How delightful that you can finally have a place for everything. We, too, are the owners of a perfect hutch, found at a second-hand warehouse. One more thing we have in common! And one more testimony of God’s provision. / This post provides worthy suggestions for keeping on track. One particular word stood out to me from your post: useful. If I ask myself frequently throughout the day, “Is this activity useful?” my choices would surely be fine-tuned to productive, God-honoring tasks. Thank you, Sheila!


    1. Thanks Nancy! It’s not exactly the style I would have liked. But our ceilings are really quite particular, and we couldn’t find one anywhere. So it was quite amazing when we saw the short little hutch sitting there. We had nearly given up on finding one. I’d like to see a picture of your perfect hutch!

      And yes, it would be amazing if we would always remember to question our activities. God has really been dealing with me a lot about dedicating more time to him. It’s so easy to get taken up with side issues!


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