Anniversaries are those special events in our lives that often take us back in time. Remembering what was, and hoping for what is yet to come. Well, today is our 42nd wedding anniversary! 

And as we look back, we find that what stands out most is God faithfulness. We left our homeland with no promised support and little money. (Read: almost none.) Folks told us we were crazy. And we probably were.

But we had one thing that bolstered and supported us. God’s promise that he would remain faithful. And he has. Through thick and thin. Through all kinds of storms and weather. God has been faithful. Even when we have not.

In looking back, we shouldn’t have lasted this long.

And we are once again reminded of all the things we should never have been able to do, but we did them. By common logic, we shouldn’t have survived here even a month. But we did, and we’re still here over 30 years later!

Looking back we see God’s faithfulness!

We raised two children, traversed the nation (and beyond) multiple times. While, through God’s grace, touching lives that still stand true to the Lord today. He has used us to help start churches or encourage the weaker ones. And all on such limited funds!! Yes, God has indeed been faithful!

We came to the mission field full of zeal and faith. Hoping to do great things for God. And instead learned that HE is the only one who can do the great things. (And that he usually does them in spite of us! We often get in his way and mess things up.) We’ve made so many mistakes, done wrong, and continue doing so.

So we found that God was mostly wanting to do great things IN us, making us more like him, and molding us into his image. And he’s still working on that!

But we’ve all made mistakes, haven’t we? We’ve all done wrong. Even though we try so hard not to. And though we’ll continue trying to improve, trying to overcome, there is one great truth we can continue to stand on.

God is faithful, even when we are not.

And looking forward, he will remain faithful.

So the next 30 years (if we live that long?) We don’t know. But we do know that God will be ever faithful. That he will continue doing great things, because he is a great God. Doing great things IN us, and through us in spite of ourselves!

And if what we did was crazy, then we want to keep right on being crazy!

Especially today as we celebrate 42 years of marriage. Because you see, even that was a little crazy. We met on October 1st and got married on November 1st. Of the same year. Crazy? Yeah, we know. But we’ve never regretted it!

Many great things have come into our lives through craziness. Especially the craziness of following God with reckless abandon, as Oswald Chambers puts it. Craziness. But with God’s faithfulness in the midst of it all!

Though our past has bumps and scars, we can still see God’s faithfulness. And although the future is foggy and uncertain, God will remain faithful.

When has God shown himself faithful to you in seemingly impossible situations? Briefly share in the comments. Someone may need the encouragement today!!

Because the only real certainty is knowing that God’s faithfulness is eternal, and sufficient to cover all our unfaithfulness!

“Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

Psalm 36:5


IMAGES | Pics of us in Rome by our friend Maurizio, all rights reserved. | Mountains (as background of quote) by Marketplace Designers from Canva. | All others are my own.

4 thoughts on “Only By God’s Faithfulness

  1. Happy Anniversary, my friend. The years you all have spent in Italy have been an investment in eternity–and I love the fact that you do it with such passion! And that you knew so quickly that he was the one for you! May you continue to celebrate every day the goodness of God in the small and big things of life for the two of you.

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