The ABC of Simple Natural Living

My ABC of Simple Living? It’s about getting back to the basics. We strive to life a more simple, natural life. First, because it’s good for us and for the planet. But also because as Nonni to nine grandchildren we want to leave a better world for them! And that’s why I made an ABC of Simple Living to help keep us on track. 

It’s our simple living baby steps! Simple and easy to remember. And even though we don’t manage to do everything on this list, it does help! Because simple concise goals are easier to put into practice. Giant leaps often make a pace that’s hard to keep up with. But baby steps? Well, even babies manage them, don’t they?

Our baby steps? They start with learning the ABCs!

Avoid Advertising

Buy Less

Consume Responsibly

Downsize: Home, Things & Activities

Eat healthy, locally grown food

Fewer Disposables

Go Green

Heal with Herbs & Natural Remedies

Immerse yourself in Community

Jump off the Materialistic Merry-go-Round

Keep up with the Joneses No More

Less Stuff & Clutter

More of What Matters: God, Community, Friends, Family, and Others

No More Debt

Out of the Box Thinking

Produce Your Own

Quit Following the Status Quo

Re-duce, Re-use, Re-purpose & Re-cycle

Share with Others

Think Thrift

Unplug from the TV and internet

Value-Orient Your Life

Work less

eXit the Consumer Lifestyle

Yes—to No Shopping

Zoom in on Non-Material Values

Now I know my ABC’s, and I want to do all these!

And how about you? Have you taken any of these important steps in your home?

Well, don’t stop there! Choose 3 more to implement in the following months. And be sure to let us know about them and how it’s going in the comments. In a world overflowing with chemicals and plastic – natural living is a huge challenge. And in our society of malls and online buying – simple living is becoming an even bigger challenge!

We all need encouragement along this path, so let’s follow it together!

And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. 

Genesis 2:15

4 thoughts on “The ABC of Simple Natural Living

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  1. Outstanding, my friend. What I love is the emphasis on “baby steps.” You’re right–giant leaps often discourage because leaps aren’t always sustainable. Great intentions–hard to follow through. Baby steps? Even babies do them! So true!


    1. Thanks Dayle! We’re still working on our baby steps in this one. But I hope to start making better progress once all our travel is finished this fall. Right now, I’ve been doing good to just keep up with the minimum!! But the services we’re having are going well and it’s wonderful to see our brethren getting blessed and nourished!! Take care, friend, and God bless!

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