10 Ways to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

This was our scenery the past week. Dark, gray, gloomy, foggy. And drippy everywhere we looked. Only my husband, camera in hand, can seem to take such gloomy days and turn them into beauty! I can’t say that I share his talent or his optimism. I’m sun-loving by nature and these gloomy days tend to get me down. 

It wasn’t a week that started out well in the first place, owing to my own stupidity. Even though for an old granny, I’m usually pretty good with technology I managed to lose a lot of photos and even ruin my external hard drive. And then continued to kick myself for it over and over again…

Hubby tried to encourage me, saying they’re only things and of no lasting value. But I’d already been trying (unsuccessfully) to convince myself of that! I even told myself, “They could have never been taken in the first place, and there would have been nothing to lose at all!”

I reminded myself that most were of scenery or inanimate objects and not special occasions, so could be shot again. And even tried congratulating myself for doing such a great job on my digital decluttering! None of which helped. And the gloomly continual drip, drip, drip did little to lift my spirits.

Enter this gray scene: head cold and nasty sinus infection.

Zero energy, and even less desire to do anything. I’ve had better weeks. And I’d been desperately needing to do laundry! No clothes dryer doesn’t usually present great problems. But we’d just gone through a week of most unusual snow. So followed by that week of rain, the situation was getting desperate. We needed clean socks and underwear!

Sunday brought a brief respite, but I wasn’t home to get any washing done as we’d gone to visit friends. And by the time we left, the rain had started in. Again! Their 10-year old daughter bounded out the door before us, jumping and leaping, as kids with their boundless energy are wont to do. Especially after snacking on gummy bears, potato chips, and cookies!

“Oh how nice, it’s raining!” she shouted, as though heralding some great new novelty.

“Nice?” I thought? “What’s NICE about it?” Clearly her childlike optimism kept pace with her endless energy. She seems to greet everything (even gray gloomy days) with great enthusiasm and joy.

But she made me wonder, “What’s wrong with me? I don’t usually let things or weather get to me like this.” And I realized I’d been forgetting to be grateful. Forgetting to look at the bright side. And for the silver lining in every cloud, even those of the darkest, grayest storms. So I decided to list some simple ways for beating the rainy day blues.

10 ways to keep the rainy day blues from getting the best of you!

1. See the bright side.

Rain is good. It waters the ground, grows the crops. Makes everything fresh and new.

2. Look for the silver lining.

Rain brings spring flowers and even rainbows!

3. Work up some energy.

Clean house, do a workout.

4. Brighten things up.

Put out fresh flowers or put out a pretty picture.

5. Get a new perspective.

Try rearranging furniture, pictures, or accessories.

6. Change your outlook.

By taking a long walk. Or visit a friend or neighbor or watch your favorite movie.

7. Drown out depression.

With some soothing music and a nice hot bath or shower.

8. Have a special treat.

Treat yourself to some special cookies, a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate. But not if you’re dieting; that might only increase your rainy day blues!

9. Count your blessings.

It may be rainy, but rejoice in a stout roof, good raincoat, or sturdy boots!

10. Pray and read God’s Word.

Although listed last, this is by far from least. The Lord is constant in our lives. Rain or shine, snow or heat. He never changes and is always right by our sides!

Rain is good. And every good and perfect gift comes down from our heavenly Father. And by keeping our eyes on the bright side we too, like little Shantal, can find the cloud’s silver lining!

But (wouldn’t you know?) it’s raining again today! Drip, drip, dripping, all day long. So Lord, if you don’t mind, I’d like a different good gift tomorrow.

Because well, wind and sun — they’re good gifts too, aren’t they?

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom can be no variation, nor turning shadow.

James 1:17 WEB

7 thoughts on “10 Ways to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

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  1. I saw some of my own moments in your post – I love sunshine and like many people, seem to really need it. A day or two of gentle rain is peaceful and calming, but after a while… And like the Lord did with you, He sometimes sends just the person with the uplifting words to remind me of God’s abundant blessings. Thanks for sharing this post.


  2. We’re house bound in Minnesota today. Black ice and snow led to the closing of schools and some businesses. It can be a welcome change from the normal routine, but I’m starting to look forward to rain and not ice! 🙂


    1. I guess we’re all yearning for springtime Linda! Although, actually we usually have nice mild winters here, and this year was no exception. I guess it was just the gray weather on top of other stuff that got me down. At least I only have rain, and not snow and ice!!! But spring is on the way!!


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