Retirement anymore seems just around the corner for us. Yikes! And because of certain life-style choices we’ve made, we’re starting to think they will be interesting years, to say the least. Not that we’ll be alone. It’s fairly common for folks to find themselves in reduced circumstances during retirement years. 

And not only with reduced income. Old age and retirement, which eventually arrive despite any efforts to prohibit them, often bring many reductions. Reduced income, decreased energy and stamina, vanishing physical strength, and sometimes, declining health.

So how can we best prepare for those years?

Thirty, even twenty years ago, we didn’t think about it much. Youth often believes itself to be invincible thinking old age will never get the best of them! And then 50 comes with its aches and pains. Perhaps high blood pressure or other age-induced ailments. And all of a sudden you realize, “I’m getting old!”

Well, since there is no avoiding it (short of death, that is), what can we do about it? These thoughts run through my mind lately. Which by the way, runs slower than before too. Although, thankfully, slow enough that I still manage to catch it, most of the time! 😉

Barely 60, hubby and I are not ready to be put out to pasture yet! But we do wonder where our youth and vigor went. And wonder too how we’ll make it financially during retirement years. So we’re trying to prepare now.

3 simple preparations to make for better retirement years:

1. Learn to live on less income by cutting expenses now.

Many focus on financial savings, IRAs, or investments. But that takes money to start with, doesn’t it? (Not a viable option for us.) So we’re learning to live frugally and debt-free now to make our retirement income stretch, and hopefully put a bit aside. We try to eat out less now — because we’ve learned that we don’t miss things we never got used to having in the first place!

2. Downsize and declutter now, while you still have the energy, stamina, and strength to clear it all out!

A smaller home with less stuff is so much easier in so many ways! Less cleaning, dusting, and maintenance. Lower taxes, insurance, and energy costs. As we age it’s harder to keep up with everything. So I want few things, easy-care furnishings, and (for the most part) furniture I can move around by myself! And I certainly don’t need a bunch of unused stuff sitting around collecting dust. Or to move up and down our super steep, tall stairs!

3. Safeguard your health now before it deteriorates too much.

Through clean eating (that good old Mediterranean diet!), proper rest, and physical activity, we find we feel better and keep excess weight off more easily. Plus from everything I’ve read that’s sure to prove helpful into our older years as well! And who wouldn’t want to get out and take walks in our gorgeous area?!!

I know we can’t prepare for everything. But I’m firmly convinced that these steps will help us deal with old-age reductions. And be able to live our older years with greater joy, peace, and energy!

What preparations are you making (or have made) for retirement years?

I’d love to hear your suggestions!

In plain weather, prepare for foul.

Thomas Fuller


17 thoughts on “Simple Living for Retirement

  1. Great reminders, thank you! We are trying to make up for lost time in saving money, trying to get healthier and declutter our home so we have less stuff if the opportunity arises and we can downsize to reduce our expenses.


      1. Well TR, it does sneak up quicker than we could imagine. Not that I’m old (yet). I’ll be 60 this summer (yikes) so I figure I’m just older. But that retirement age does keep creeping closer and closer… You guys are smart to think and prepare now while you still have plenty of time to plan wisely!

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    1. Seems to happen as time passes, doesn’t it? lol! Mario is hoping to work as long as possible. Because of our missionary status (no steady income or actual employer) we probably won’t have much of a pension. But we know we are in good hands. The Lord never fails, and we’ve practiced simple living a long time!! Hope you can make good plans now to make those later years better!

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      1. Wise counsel! And you are right about retirement. Many people see retirement, Social Security, 401k funds, and pensions as the great provider instead of God Himself as the provider. Just one way we take the Lord out of the equation.

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    1. LOL Wally, good to know we have company in our boat!! As missionaries (with no steady income or actual employer) our pension will be very low. We’re thinking we might want to plant a huge garden. At least then we’ll have food. And one major blessing is that over here our health care is free. We only pay for specialist visits and exams (very little), and over-the-counter meds. That helps a lot!! Thankfully, we know we can count on the Lord’s everlasting care!!


  2. Sheila, I retired a couple of years before I planned to when my employer closed the office and moved to another city. My husband had retired several years earlier. I remember telling my employer, “Well, I don’t know the plan, but I know the Planner!” God has provided everything we need and more. We live a simple life, live in the house we raised our sons in, and enjoy time with our family and friends. In fact, I didn’t realize this season in our lives would be this relaxed and enjoyable. But looking back, our Father has a way of sending abundant blessings in every season of our lives, doesn’t He? You are trusting the Lord, making wise choices, and looking forward as God leads. May you continue to be blessed as your days unfold.

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    1. I’m so glad Doris that things worked out so well for you, and that you are finding joy and peace in your retirement years. That’s encouraging! And yes, the Lord does always provide – and give us goodness all through life. We hope and pray that by making good choices now – we will reap benefits later!

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  3. You have good plans. I was thrust into retirement a few years earlier than I wanted for health reasons. The sudden change in income and activity wasn’t as dramatic as I feared but the house was a different story. You cannot downsize on the fly. Take time now to consider what you really need and start thinning. It will be time well spent.


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