How to Cultivate a Faith Firmly-Rooted like the Olive Tree

5 traits to cultivate for a faith that is firmly-rooted like the olive tree

Olives and olive trees were important in Bible times and Scripture, providing food, ointment, illumination, and in the making of soap.

30 years of serving here in Italy, has given me ample opportunity to observe the trees, talk to farmers, and study them in Scripture. And I have come to see more and more that the olive is an amazing tree.

Olive Tree Faith

Olives and olive trees were important in Bible times and Scripture. The olive is an amazing tree, able to withstand incredible heat, wind, and drought.

Though its trunk becomes bent and hollowed by the heat and drought, and winds batter and gnarl its branches – it only grows more beautiful with each storm and the passing of time.

And due to its remarkably deep root system, the olive tree is able to not only survive drought but to flourish in it – and bear fruit in its season.

Olive Tree Faith is a place for growing a faith that is deeply-rooted like the olive tree.

Faith that is firmly established in God and his life-giving Word. A place for learning to flourish in the hard and dry times. For letting the stormy winds of life turning us into creations of beauty in the Master’s hands. And for learning to bear fruit even the worst times of drought.

So welcome to this, my new faith venture. I hope you’ll decide to join me here! And as always, my only hope is to be a blessing and encouragement, as we learn together.

Sheila, from Italy – a Land of Many Olives

[Image is my own.]

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